βœ… BLACK COHOSH Helps to decrease hot flashes and enhance mood. Helps with menopause symptons by improving mood and energy levels. Helps to increase estrogen and helps with vaginal dryness.Β 

βœ… CARDAMOM Promotes metabolism and helps burn body fat.Β 

βœ… CINNAMON Helps to protect your heart.Β 

βœ… DANDELION LEAF Helps reduce bloating.Β 

βœ… ELEUTHERO ROOTΒ  Helps to reduce hot flashes and night sweats.Β 

βœ… GINGKO LEAF Helps to boost energy and enhance mood.Β 

βœ… LICORICE ROOT Helps to decrease hot flashes and increase estrogren.Β 

βœ… MACA ROOT Helps with menopause symptons by improving mood and energy levels.Β 

βœ… MATCHA Helps stop the body from storing excess fat.Β 

βœ… PU'ER or PU'ERH Promotes metabolism and helps burn body fat.Β 

βœ… RED CLOVER Helps to decrease hot flashes.Β 

βœ… RED REISHI MUSHROOM Helps toΒ  improve energy levels, balance hormones impacted by menopause, and reduce those uncomfortable hot flashes. Helps to reduce insomnia and support natural sleep cycles.Β 

βœ… ROOIBOS Helps burn body fat.Β 

βœ… SENNA LEAF Promotes digestion for an all-natural cleanse.


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