Beauty by Sweet Angel

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I really enjoy your posts, especially the ones for face and eyes. Thank you
Sweet Angel, I have mad respect for you! You are a real credit to women the world over! You inspire me and you bring so much JOY to my life!!! Keep up the good work! Sending you love & light from Wisconsin💘
I would love to have a gift of the Avon deodorant!
Luv ya. Sorry you fell but you did a great job making up for it. Need those essential oils. My daughter gave me a box of samples and I lost them. Am going to make shea butter. Your hubby is sweet. Bye.
Love watching your very informative tutorials, and would love to follow your blogs & be apart of the the exciting topics you have to discuss..
I love details given on natural products. Do you know of any powder or cream that has a good sunscreen inside. Thankful
Thank you for taking time out for your lovely videos, I truly enjoy watching them. May god continue blessing you to bless others💕💜💕
Just dropping by to say hi!
Luv your channel.. your DIYS is how I came across you
I just came across your site ! I am so glad to have found you, a woman I have commonalities with; age (I'm probably older than you 57), who still wants to look her best always, and happy and fun. Thank you
Very good recipe good video explaining what why and how-to use all your new ingredients and make use too your almost sexiest look it is definitely es work it dersrevevit looking Hot
Thank you for sharing your beauty secrets with us, especially the ingredients are in the kitchen so its not a problem to try.